Thursday, May 13, 2010

Desi's first sleep over

Monday afternoon, after spending two days at Sabina's trying to unclog her kitchen drain, fix her dryer, dishwasher and garage door, Desi came home with us to have her first "sleep over"! Getting her to go to sleep was the biggest challenge for me. Papa managed to sleep through the whole thing! She was finally asleep enough by 11 that I was able to sneek out of her room and try to get some sleep myself. She cried out several times but after consoling her and reminding her that we would take Max for a walk in the morning she was back to sleep. At 5 she was in the middle of the hall, screaming bloody murder! At that point I gave up and put her in bed with us. Papa got up and made coffee, since he slept through the whole ordeal.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


After being sick last week it was so nice to get outside and see all the flowers that had bloomed. The Peonies just opened yesterday. This is just one of many bushes of them and many colors too. They are my very favorite flower. Can't wait until they are all in full bloom. We are so blessed to have bought a home from people who love flowers as much as we do. Thanks Lois and Frank! We are really enjoying the fruits of your labor!

Birds to drive Max crazy!

I love Spring! I love hearing the birds singing first thing in the morning and last thing before dark. Again this year the ugly black birds have made a nest in the propane tank lid. There are 5 hungry, peeping birds in there. This year they should survive...the propane tank is no longer in the sun, so they won't get cooked like the last 2 years.

I put the humming bird feeder on our bedroom window and really enjoy watching them before I get up.

Back in the garden again!

Today was my first day back in the garden. Yesterday I mowed all day and got the entire funny farm mowed. Always looks so nice and makes me feel so good to get it all finished in one day.

We planted 30 more tomato plants and put mulch around the potatoes which are starting to bloom. Can hardly wait to have "new potatoes" fresh from the garden! Everything else is growing well. There are blossoms on some of the tomatoes too.