Saturday, June 12, 2010

Beautiful birthday gift

One of my favorite memories when I was a child, was my mom singing this prayer to me. Desi stayed with us one day and we went for a walk. The moon had come up and we sang this all the way home! Sabina and family gave me this plate for my birthday. I love it! It means so much to me.

Birthdays at the lake with the Jacobs

Today we celebrated our birthdays again! Spent the afternoon on the dock at the lake. It was really hot and humid today. We loved watching Desi jump into the lake. I swear she is fearless!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My 2 favorite farmers

Here are my two favorite farmers admiring their work from the "Gatormobile"!

garden # 2

One garden wasn't we have two! Ron and Farmer Frank now have 3 plantings of corn, some watermelons, cantelope and as soon as we get home they will plant sweet potatoes. Hopefully the stupid deer don't eat everything in the mean time.

garden progress May 25th

The garden is really growing! Now if we could get the rabbits to leave the beet tops alone we'd be doing well. We put covered them with Remay so they should be o.k. now. However, the deer ate all the peaches off our new trees in the boxes. I guess it's time to think about an electric fence.

We left for Missy's on the 26th and were only on the road 2 hours when Ron said..."wonder how the garden is doing?" This is a sick man!