Thursday, October 21, 2010

Barn roof repair

I think all we do is repair stuff! Sunday we worked on the barn roof, taking off old vents and roof cap that were leaking. Once again we were practicing ladder safety at the "Funny Farm"! I really hate climbing ladders so this was another challenge for me! Ron on the other hand, who doesn't realize he has artificial knees, just does whatever he has to do! Only one booboo to report for the day. Ron's face should have had a few stitches but I was able to close it up with butterflies after we got the bleeding stopped! Now we have to replace the 4 skylights but that will be another day!

1 comment:

  1. Safety is always a top priority, particularly in roofing because it can really be a dangerous job. And it’s good to know that your friend is okay after that. It's 2013, how's your barn now? I've seen a lot of barns and not all of them are in good condition. It's good to see that there are barns that are still being used and well-love by the owners – just like you.

    Herb Koguchi