Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 2

Sunday was another day of destruction! And I thought Sunday was supposed to be a day of "rest" !! Not in this house! I'm sure by now Spencer is wondering why he came to Nana and Papa's for Spring Break! Even though it doesn't appear that way, a lot was accomplished today. Ron discovered that the flu was cracked so it's a good thing we never used this fireplace. Our wonderful neighbor, Bill Elmer, who is a brick mason, has been advising us as we progressed deeper into this mess. Today he brought a jack hammer to help break apart the mortar. I think it is going to kill Ron's shoulders and back. Not sure how he is able to do this. What a wonderful man I married. Always willing to destruct!! I know that when he finishes we will have a beautiful living room once again. It will be much better than before, and it won't have the "water fall" feature. I never liked the rocks anyway, and am glad to see them go. They were dark and dreary looking to me. They will be used to make our water feature in the back yard (someday!) and there will be plenty of them when we are finished with the outside too.

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