Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 14

Today Ron worked in the garden and sprayed weeds with Round-up while I did a couple errands, some grocery shopping, and TRIED to clean the spilled Round-up out of the carpet in the back of the Suburban :( What a mess. I sure wish my personal detailers were here to help! However they were a big help over the phone with suggestions of things to try. Nothing seemed to work though. When I finished that project I went back to the garden and planted some cucumber and zucchini seeds. Can't wait for fresh veggies! All the lettuce, Swiss Chard and spinach I planted yesterday is alive and well! I had my doubts. Ron planted some Sunflowers and pole beans and added another fence for them to climb on.
Just another typical day at the "funny farm"!! My heart was really in South Carolina with the Wallaces, touring the Citadel. Can't wait to see it in June.

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