Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 22, 2010

Today we woke to the sound of much needed rain! Yesterday I mowed most of the day and Ron worked on the patch of ground behind the barn where we are going to plant corn. He did have to enlist my help to remove the stump of an old cedar tree which was in the way. It was quite a job, requiring the aid of chains, picks, shovels and the Suburban in 4 wheel drive to get it out. Hopefully the rototiller man will be able to come with his tractor and tiller next week.
I swept up the grass from mowing (with my lawn sweeper, not a broom!) and dumped it in piles in the future corn patch and Ron spread it around with a pitch fork. He was nearly dead from exhaustion last night. Once again, I must say, "getting old is not much fun"!
Now I am listening to the sound of rain dripping into the bucket in the fireplace! I guess we'll get back to that project someday.

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