Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday April 13,2010

Today was another long day in the garden! It doesn't look like much but we did accomplish a lot. Ron finished unloading the compost that was on the trailer while I planted lettuce, swiss chard and spinach. LOTS OF IT!! Being married to a perfectionist sometimes has it's draw backs....like when you have to measure between all the plants and make sure the rows are straight! I am always pleased with the results and happy that I went to all the trouble, but I am really tired now. This afternoon we had 20 yards of mulch delivered so that we didn't have to unload it by hand. What a blessing that is! While I finished planting, Ron went to the horse farm and got another trailer load of composted horse manure. I met him at the driveway and covered the flower bed by the mailbox with compost so the flowers have something to grow in. This year it will be beautiful too.

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